Lexy Mack Does Home Workouts added on Jan 22, 2012

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Lexy Mack is as cute as a button. She is a friendly 19-yr old from New Jersey, out in LA pursuing her ambitions to become an actress. I photographed Lexy in her tiny studio apartment in Koreatown. Her funny little cat, Cheddar, was eager to jump in almost every shot. Lexy has a fabulous body from running and practicing yoga. She doesn't drink or party much, which is very appealing and lends to her 'innocent' facade.
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Oh my gosh, her face. I love her face!
Parsboi - 8 months ago
Love her cheerful smile and the great Girl next door look. But still so sexy and when the hair came down...WOW! Then the clothes came off and really blew my mind! Wonderful body, we need more Lexy!
WayneCon - 11 months ago
beautiful ginger pussy
muttley - about 1 year ago
I like your cat.
speshial_edd - over 1 year ago
Good god. Please bring her back! She is adorable.
OkieFromMuskogee - about 2 years ago
If you're trying to avoid nipple sightings, hair covering, sheer clothing, or other angles is a lot more natural that models holding their breasts. Please knock that pose off.
every_breath - about 2 years ago
Vanessa Lengies
monkeyjoe22 - over 2 years ago
God, she's gorgeous!
g4guy - over 2 years ago
Zach Venice - over 2 years ago
Wow, she looks just like VBL
monkeyjoe22 - over 2 years ago
AndyC - over 2 years ago
almost jizzed in my pants. too hot!
moopieb - over 2 years ago
Lexy, so beautiful, sweet and innocent. Very nice set. Looks like Cheddar is a star too!! Nice set of photographs.
geofold - over 2 years ago
That is one hairy pussy! SCNR
Senghas - over 2 years ago
perfect girl, please do more sets of her, she is for the men out there who appreciate beautiful female butts....like myself
persianj - almost 3 years ago
This is why I signed up! More? MORE!
lilchi - almost 3 years ago
what a beauty
barend - over 4 years ago