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This is Terri Belk, a classmate and friend of Kerstin Dorsia's. The two met in an English course at Santa Monica College. When I last photographed Kerstin, I asked her if she knew any attractive girls that would also be interested in Zishy. Almost instantly, Terri came to mind and I was glad I asked. Terri is 19, tall, quirky and full of youthful energy. I was lucky enough to photograph her at the home that she grew up in. Although Terri is an adult with a job and in pursuit of higher education, she still enjoys regular visits to Disneyland. Zishy field trip to the happiest place on earth? Would I be so bold? What an exciting challenge that would be.
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Sam Phillips resemblance. nice
axiom49 - 3 months ago
What a referral!
Chiroy - 10 months ago
Pretty girl, fun series!
AndyC - 11 months ago
Very nice, jean short shorts are always a plus! Thinking of a Zishy girls trip to Disney, give those mindless drone dads something to look at...
dohboy24 - 12 months ago
Super cute, need more!
moopieb - 12 months ago
She's awesome!!
m.rob13 - 12 months ago
Shwing! She's a babe! Great photos too, perfect mix of tease and fun
Wigglewaff - 12 months ago
Very hot and sexy! I'd love to see more for her too!
voyeur13 - 12 months ago
Ohh soo hhott!!!
Jeep2011 - 12 months ago
She is beautiful... I'd love to see more of her!
obviousthrowaway - 12 months ago