Dasha Krasova Russian Orthodox added on Dec 13, 2013

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Dasha Krasova can turn heads. Her size alone would impress most. She is over 6-feet tall and has beautiful lush curves. She probably comes from the same hearty bloodlines that have allowed the former Soviet Union to dominate boxing's heavyweight division for almost a decade. Yeah, I know the Brothers Klitschko are Ukranian, and Dasha is Russian but just go with it--she's a knockout. After some interrogation, I learned that Dasha attends an Orthodox mass every Sunday. I bet the towering blonde is a vision to weary church-going eyes.
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oh yeah, MORE.
moopieb - about 1 year ago
the relaxed quilted duvet shots are great. The shadows masking Dashas complexion and body, magnifico!
okaybw - over 1 year ago
Luv to see Dasha walking around in thongs, with that tight ass. So lovely.
bigal - over 1 year ago
She reminds me of Jean Harlow.
Whistlingfish - over 1 year ago
Oops, I overshot her actual height, she said she is only 5'11. Shorty!
Sharkee - over 1 year ago
Since we're talking about a tall, no doubt leggy girl, I wish we had more pictures of her posing on her feet to enjoy her height more. Other than that it's a very nice sensual bed shoot with a bonafide knockout indeed.
decendingskulls - over 1 year ago
Exactly how tall is she?
elportonative77 - over 1 year ago
tucker709 - over 1 year ago