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Geri Burgess is as beautiful as they come. When I first met her, I thought my style of photos would be too much for a girl with such a sweet disposition. I was pleasantly surprised to be incorrect. Geri loves to travel and to run. She already graduated from college but has sought out adventure since receiving her diploma. She shared stories about wild times in Japan that even made me raise my brows. Geri is a unique young woman who reminded me never to judge a book by its cover.
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thad2thadizzle - 7 days ago
does she do porn ?
gelato - 4 months ago
locoloco - 5 months ago
I can't breathe....
Sandy990 - 6 months ago
bloody beautiful
p1atele - 6 months ago
I love that Geri now graces the front page of the site (permanently?) as the banner for top-rated galleries. Still my all-time fave.
otto-otto - 7 months ago
Damn near perfection. A lot more!
moopieb - 8 months ago
I love how her ass is a little hairy.
Johnny Tees - 8 months ago
When is she ever gonna do another shoot? We need mooooore
rolandtheroadie - 9 months ago
Very Zishy!
Chuckv88 - 10 months ago
Davo - 10 months ago
"Unreal" barely begins to cover it. Wow x 1000.
otto-otto - 11 months ago
more please. unreal
logan090 - 11 months ago
U sure have some amazing looking women on your site and I'm so jealous of what you get to do everyday. Love to see the last photo shoot taken here about a month ago as well of Lilith on the Harley. You Rock and this site Rocks!!! Great Work!!!
marvin - 11 months ago
Absolutely DEVINE, plainly my Best!!!!!!!!
enimdel - 11 months ago
Rhmatt - 11 months ago
Very nice tease.
fitz9fitz - 11 months ago
One of the best girls I've ever seen on the site...perfection.
persianj - 11 months ago
@marksman123, I don't think you can find her anywhere else at the moment. I will let you know if I hear different.
Sharkee - 11 months ago
mister lo - 11 months ago
I didn't last long.
findher - 11 months ago
What lovely...see litlle bit more...
Peerakuura - 11 months ago
what is here other names? I can't find Geri Burgess anywhere else
marksman123 - 11 months ago
What a beautiful girl. You could have every set of just her.
Pat20 - 11 months ago
hermoso de los mejores!
Bichi - 11 months ago
I love miniskirts and beautiful legs .... :-)))
humbert - 11 months ago
Instant favourite. Lovely girl with a lovely smile.
Meltin - 11 months ago