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And here is part two of Today's update. I knew the Remy gallery would be a bit light for some subscribers and I knew the amount of images in this one was a bit low. But, I wasn't about to deprive you of two stellar redheads. Karla Meyers is a unique beauty with an Amazonian figure. She is also sweet as all hell and as shy as a bottle rocket, which means not shy in the least. We snuck into the stadium where UCLA baseball plays. Then we took to the streets and I showed Karla a wealthy person's desert landscaping that caught my eye in the neighborhood. All this was on a Sunday morn, too early for anyone to bitch at us. Thank Zeus.
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Another stunning red head, that blue balled me to death.
moopieb - about 1 month ago
Sucker for redheads! Short shorts and no bra, nice!
dohboy24 - 6 months ago
This is my new favorite zishy gallery. I would ask you to shoot with Karla again but I don't know how you could even top this!
decendingskulls - 7 months ago
a flame haired goddess
gallifrey - 7 months ago
Of all the models you've photographed, she has to be my favorite. I hope you'll consider using her again.
Whistlingfish - 7 months ago
very nice short short ; I love it !!
humbert - 7 months ago
mochoman22 - 7 months ago
So orange. So stacked.
Heykarl - 7 months ago
What a lovely start to the weekend this is.
okaybw - 7 months ago