Jules Diamond Modern Guilt added on Sep 18, 2013

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Jules Diamond allowed me to photograph her at her place. Some girls are hesitant about that sort of thing, but I tell them that its safer for the girl to invite me to their place then for the girl to enter a complete stranger's home, right? Plus, who wants to have to pack all sorts of crap into a suitcase and battle the Los Angeles traffic? Also, potential models often ask if I hire a makeup artist or if I have a photo studio. I swiftly confess that I only photograph girls who do not need professional makeup in order to look appealing. And if I was limited to shooting in the same environment each time, I'd feel like a mouse on an exercise wheel. For better or worse, I'll stick to winging it.
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The heels are a perfect foil to her seeming nervousness. Very nice set.
bigdave - 4 months ago
nice long form.
axiom49 - 4 months ago
jmy - 9 months ago
this girl seems most of the time kind of uncomfortable and well... seems pretty young too...
AndyC - about 1 year ago
what a body. jesus.
moopieb - about 1 year ago
Thongs/G-Strings with high heels is the hottest way to go! Please more of that as much as possible!
persianj - over 1 year ago
Simply awesome girl!
persianj - over 1 year ago
Photo number 24 is particularly successful, in fact it has a diagonal momentum aesthetically great , and body shape, profile, is very pretty. I hope all this is comprehensible? :-))
humbert - over 1 year ago
enimdel - over 1 year ago
This Lady is very sexy and looks extremely tasty
ndcopdx - over 1 year ago
Such beautiful long legs & delicious butt!
Jscbgddy - over 1 year ago