Kenze Thomas Has It Mike's Way added on Sep 16, 2013

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Kenze Thomas is one of the most adorable girls that I have ever worked with. If she is representative of the typical Iowa girl, then I shall be relocating soon. She wants to one day become a doctor and is in college working towards that aim. She had her shy moments, but in the end, went along with all my antics. We had a sub at Jersey Mike's, which Kenze had to admit is WAY better than Subway. Sorry, Jared. She also showed me some tongue tricks. I didn't realize how hard it is to lick your own elbow. I bet you end up giving it a shot. She got nekked for X-art:
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Bonus Video Clip

I love her pretty face and adorable smile and that long, talented tongue is amazing too.
mrtvcage - about 1 month ago
ohh!i love those faces!!, and thanks for the video.
rafael - 10 months ago
Kenze is such a cutie, I'm looking forward to her other sets, I look at them in order.
WayneCon - 12 months ago
i go to X-art and see "nekked" Kenze. Nice breasts. But I love her personality even more. I'm glad you started including a little video. Good choice Mr. Zach.
axiom49 - almost 2 years ago
This girl has killer legs.
maxwolf9 - almost 2 years ago
sexy tease.
moopieb - over 2 years ago
Pretty girl, short dress, highheels, bare legs, and Bonus Vid. Good Monday!
wonka808 - almost 3 years ago
gallifrey - almost 3 years ago