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Kelly Lamprin is the 'cat's pajamas', which is a phrase used by hipsters of the 1920's to describe a person who is the best at what they do. And it is hard to think of anyone who could rock this sheer turtleneck bodysuit better than Kelly. The only complaint I have is with the Moire pattern created by the fabric and my camera. Shucks! For the ultra-curious, the picture frames are on the floor because this home was in the middle or redecoration. In the next gallery of Kelly's, we'll show you the house's large walk-in shower and there will be no Moire pattern since there will be no clothes on this incredible girl. Good Lord! Ff you are as enamored by Kelly as I am, you do not want to miss it.
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you sure you don' want to hang in Texas for a few more weeks?
axiom49 - 4 months ago
oh my.
moopieb - about 1 year ago
I'm in love...
fitz9fitz - over 1 year ago
Unbelievable girl...please more of her!
persianj - over 1 year ago
i could get lost in you legs all day and night
jackrabbit - over 1 year ago
Very sexy! Love her long legs! Simply beautiful!
Jscbgddy - over 1 year ago
Sweet mana from heaven. Kelly is beauty incarnate and captured very well here, Zach. Well done to you and Kelly.
Meltin - over 1 year ago
rica cojerse a esta caramelo traga leche Thanks zishy!!!
Bichi - over 1 year ago
Blazing hot!!! This is definitely one your best sets, Zach. I can't wait to see the shower set! And the shooting range glasses are a very creative and sexy idea.
billmurraythebatman - over 1 year ago
Actually those are glasses for a shooting range :)
Sharkee - over 1 year ago
i especially like the outdoor poses, and I REALLY love the outfit. Love the shades!
decendingskulls - over 1 year ago
her beauty makes me speechless
gallifrey - over 1 year ago
I'm at a loss for words. Outstanding set.
decendingskulls - over 1 year ago