Holly Benson Leotard Formal added on Jul 06, 2013

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Holly Benson said this outfit made her feel like a Playboy bunny. I am not certain if that meant a good thing. Considering how Playboy no longer carries the same name that it once did, I suppose it could go either way. Holly also says that she just recently acquired her new curves, meaning she had always held a thinner figure, but decided to make an effort to gain a few more pounds. Personally, I love girls in all shapes and sizes. However, it is my experience that girls with curvier figures tend to be more reserved in front of the camera. So if a beautiful blonde like Holly wants to rock a thicker look, I say 'Yahtzee'.
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best set!
rafael - 10 months ago
Stunning figure, I'm so glad she added some weight to be a curvy woman rather than a skinny girl. That is not an insult, I enjoy all shapes and sizes on this site.
WayneCon - about 1 year ago
amazing. wish one piece came off though in the end. also wish this had a video. great girl great set!
water69 - about 1 year ago
Zishy is a great site but all of her sets are a waste of time....no erection obtained an no blue balls
Ametheus - about 1 year ago
Absolutely stunning. I love how this outfit highlights her gorgeous backside.
maxwolf9 - over 1 year ago
Great job accenting her extraordinary legs. Lovely set.
bigdave - over 1 year ago
She's super sexy. Real cool set!
AndyC - over 2 years ago
moopieb - over 2 years ago
Wish I could see more of her.
henry88 - almost 3 years ago
absolute perfection
gallifrey - about 3 years ago
Sweet Holly bunny, you heard me. My wishes are fulfilled. <3 <3 <3
TheDude - about 3 years ago
Rubbl3z - about 3 years ago
that ass
Bichi - about 3 years ago
Thank you Zach and Holly! 5 Stars!
arsmoriendi - about 3 years ago