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This is not Emily Archer's room. That is not her TV. She probably doesn't have a poster illustration of the human body on her bedroom wall. However there are many authentic things to this pictorial. Red hair? That's hers. Purple thong that could double as floss? Hers. Fit body with all the right curves? Completely hers. This odd background is a guest room in my friend's Hollywood home. Not the ideal place for a photo shoot, but then again Emily would bring any setting to life. Enjoy studying this human body! On image #13, I accidentally fired my flash into my red shirt. It made a trippy effect.
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love the Zishy Redheads....totally on fire!!!!
RedSolstice - about 1 month ago
You've GOT to bring her back!
WhiskeyFoxtrot - 9 months ago
Emily is one hot lady.
WayneCon - about 1 year ago
Next time have her slip the bra off while she still has the top on. She is terrific!
Humblepi - almost 2 years ago
BOBW - almost 2 years ago
She slipped off her heels too soon
marcogiacinto - about 2 years ago
I prefer the set where she's smiling, bit less this one
AndyC - over 2 years ago
Dear Jesus. Please give is more of her.
moopieb - over 2 years ago
Very Zishy!
Chuckv88 - over 2 years ago
Sooo sexy Emily! Image #19 is really appealing...
TheDude - about 3 years ago
Yes. she is an awesome person. Just wrapped up another shoot with Emily today in the hot desert town of Palm Springs. More Perfection to come!
Sharkee - about 3 years ago
Wow does she hit the right notes. 5 stars.
arsmoriendi - about 3 years ago
You can google her name or also try Emily Hayworth. She started going by the latter recently.
Sharkee - over 3 years ago
Where can I see more of Emily?
henry88 - over 3 years ago
Super hot. More!
billmurraythebatman - over 3 years ago
My door is always open emily
abrogue - over 3 years ago
I love redheads and Emily is definitely very sexy!
voyeur13 - over 3 years ago