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Taylor Salem is of Syrian descent. She labels herself as a general entertainer: singer, dancer, actor, and model. She was born in the hot desert town of Palm Springs, California 19 years ago, which makes her approximately 19 years of age, I think. Taylor is always down for something new and exciting and on this day she got it. I dared her to strut her butt on the streets in this cheeky romper. It was apparently quite a sight, judging by the support given from Friday afternoon traffic. Even a fire engine, loaded with firemen, belted out a few hollers. I'm sure Taylor just hated that! And no, we have nothing against Christianity. In fact, Taylor and I both appreciated the ornate facade of this church on Pico Blvd.
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It's hot to see Arab girls doing this. It's very rare to bad there isn't Lebanese girls on here that will be sweet because a lot of Lebanese girls are hot!
lebboynchitown - 9 months ago
Blue ball alert!
moopieb - 11 months ago
Beyond Beautiful!! What a body, lips, legs, everything!
persianj - about 1 year ago
Wow, we need to see a LOT more of this beauty. Wonderful!
Boog123 - over 1 year ago
decendingskulls - over 1 year ago
awesome! thanks :)
pale.ale - over 1 year ago
you'll see another by tomorrow!
Sharkee - almost 2 years ago
beauty! why only one set?
pale.ale - almost 2 years ago
Very great :-) very lovely girl and photography..i love to see yourmore pics :-)
vab - almost 2 years ago