Isabel Carvajal Valentine Bath added on Feb 13, 2013

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I photographed Isabel Carvajal at her place in North Hollywood. Isabel came up with the idea of a bath-time photoshoot when I mentioned that I wanted to do something special for Valentine's Day. She suggested some bubbles, wine, and candles. I must say our execution was not the best. The bubble bath didn't have enough bubbles (always go with Mr. Bubble), we didn't have a bottle of wine to open, and the candles were mostly overpowered by the ambient light in her bathroom. Nonetheless, I had beautiful Isabel without a stitch of clothing on, her roommate was away for the afternoon, and she was ready to get soaked. So I hope that you enjoy this silly holiday and that most of you manage to get some!
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this is one of the best sets i've seen, you get to see pretty much all of her but not graphic and no silly stars 5/5!
tcat - about 1 month ago
I was already in love with her in an other it's even more. Love the full bush.
Lerez - 3 months ago
I hate being a perv.
Johnny Tees - 5 months ago
How DO you keep from diving in the tub when shooting such an adorable beauty, Mr. Photographer?!
Rushmore24 - 5 months ago
just WOW. Supa pretty girl... Going to see her other galleries but potential rate 10/10 with HER! ;-)
AndyC - 6 months ago
totally awesome. I would have a bath time with you anytime Isabel, nice....:)
geofold - 6 months ago
Fucking Amazing!
moopieb - 8 months ago
Very nice to see a natural...
dohboy24 - about 1 year ago
Great shoot. Isabel is gorgeous. More please!
Jellybean Benito - about 1 year ago
Pushing the NN limit, Nice! 5/5
wonka808 - over 1 year ago
franklin.sanders - over 1 year ago
She's stunning. Nice booty on her!
voyeur13 - over 1 year ago
I thought the same exact thing :) Plus I loved being surprised by her 'natural' ways.
Sharkee - over 1 year ago
Thank God that you didn't have "Mr. Bubble" to cover up this Super Sexy Set! Nice Work!
Marlin43 - over 1 year ago