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A few years ago, I jumped at the opportunity to photograph Marie McCray. She is a porn star who became popular with her young look and her vibrant red hair. These were taken before I fully conceptualized Zishy, which is why there are few images, and some are censored nudes. If you really need to see her private bits, please google 'Marie McCray'. I knew she loved fast food, so I asked her to pick up a snack before the shoot. She also was happy to try on my Halloween costume that year, which was Max Fischer from Wes Anderson's 'Rushmore'. An excellently original film.
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other excellent example where to remove the marks...
haposai - about 1 year ago
This is the first set that has dissappointed
BeeDee - over 1 year ago
The stickers really detract from a good picture set. Set Marie free!
Humblepi - almost 2 years ago
You done so many nipples might as well free these (plus others) :)
Lerez - about 2 years ago
Suggestion - take down the sets with the dots, fix them and then repost
themefrom - over 2 years ago
agreed, any more of that Im outa here
themefrom - over 2 years ago
OK, these green dots are going too far
Davemellow - over 2 years ago
Hot girl, stickers are lame.
moopieb - over 2 years ago
Yeah. I am all for the whole teasing and playful thing but if you are gonna take nude pics then show nude pics.
Glamponda - over 2 years ago
Perfect body, please bring her back whenever you are able to!
persianj - almost 3 years ago
Why censored photos??? Your girls are beautiful.
cassaassac - almost 3 years ago
I agree with rjorge, I am ok if a girl isnt nude, but why censor? especially a known star
soundman92 - almost 3 years ago
Why censored photos??? Your girls are beautiful...
rjorge - about 3 years ago
She is so adorable.
billmurraythebatman - over 3 years ago