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Alaina Fox is an interesting one. She says porn is fun for her, she loves BDSM, considers herself pansexual, and has a hard-on for social justice. She got into the adult business through webcamming and stripping. I put her in this cute plaid dress that I found at a vintage boutique store in LA. It was slightly inspired by Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom. Which was one of may be three movies that I have seen in theaters this year. I'm still waiting for the "Innocence of Muslims" to come to my local theater :( Just kidding everybody! Please stop killing folks, devout religious people.
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I think she has a little sadness in her natural & beautiful tho...hope shes past the self harming
muttley - 2 months ago
Sansa and Arya Stark cross
bandito1979 - 6 months ago
this is what i meant, pal. shy but imaginative at the same time ;)
perrochileno - 9 months ago
Adorable girl, I can see why she would be popular in porn.
WayneCon - 12 months ago
I will add to my comment that a girl wearing nice knickers look better than G strings.
BOBW - about 1 year ago
WOW, super beautiful girl. No wonder big boy's leave home.
BOBW - about 1 year ago
my favorite set of the web
amneris - over 1 year ago
she's a mix of innocence, beauty and erotism.
rocketeer - over 1 year ago
Smiling goddess and goddess body.
karbo - almost 2 years ago
Oh Alaina, what a beautiful, sexy and adorable angel you are. So perfect, you made me very hard looking at your pictures, lovely.
geofold - almost 2 years ago
Oh, the potential.
moopieb - almost 2 years ago
prettiest girl on the site, please get her to do more shoots!
Joecool58 - about 2 years ago
Davo - about 2 years ago
Beautiful eyes, and everything else.
zishyfile25 - over 2 years ago
All the stars right there.
Daigoz - over 2 years ago
Outstanding. Five stars.
arsmoriendi - over 2 years ago
Hot poses.
friesian - about 3 years ago