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Madison Swan AKA Mia Malkova can bend and contort herself naturally. It didn't take any intense training for this Southern California native. She has been quite blessed physiologically. Her rump, which would make Sir Mix-a-lot faint, is 100% real. When I first saw it, I said, "I'm sorry". She asked why. I replied, "No one will ever believe it is actually yours." But to hell with the non-believers. Asses like this exist. Nature spits in your face. Sorry to all the younger Zishy fans that come here for good old-fashioned family entertainment. I decided that bare bum, especially Madison Swan's, is appropriate enough for my galleries. Stay cheeky, my friends.
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Gorgeous girl. Great legs and butt.
maxwolf9 - 5 months ago
Ohhhhhh that ass.
thoughtwreck - 8 months ago
Much love goes out to the photographer.
mrbdgene - 8 months ago
more please
terry5087 - 12 months ago
Fancy girl, smokin'hot series
AndyC - about 1 year ago
very pretty girl, top!
AndyC - about 1 year ago
Porn Star Hot, looks like she just wants to fuck your brains out!
moopieb - about 1 year ago
I love her ass!!!
MikeDO - about 1 year ago
In my dreams, I imagine that Mia/Madison's personality is equally on par with (or surpasses) her outstanding body. In the words of "Benjamin Buford Blue"... "That's all I have to say about that."
quagjonz - over 1 year ago
What an ASS
m.rob13 - over 1 year ago
One of the main reasons she has a body like this is because of her Russian genetics. She obviously has Eastern European blood lines..and her last name gives it away pretty easily too of course. That's why almost all my friends and girls that I date are Eastern European, primarily Russian/Ukrainian/Belarussian, etc.. These kinds of amazingly unbelievable bodies are everywhere in that part of the world.
persianj - over 1 year ago
Everything is awesome.
Meltin - over 1 year ago
Madison/Mia has, undoubtedly, the very finest, nicest, and best toned asses, and over-all bodies... ever!! Plus, her warm, friendly smile and attitude makes her top shelf in anything she choses to pursue. I noticed she is already one of the very best, an
Danl - about 2 years ago
Had to comment on the title, nice street fighter reference. I also love the last three pictures in this set. The emotions you captured are amazing.
Jesse - over 2 years ago
Madison is so beautiful that it's a little unfair to the rest of the world.
runjmc25 - over 2 years ago