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Do you feel that competition inside you? You want to be admired. You want to be at the top. Ahh that fucking Ego. That part of human nature that just won't be controlled. I wonder how much ego exists in a bee hive. We gotta work together. We gotta learn to be kinder. Let tbe beauty of Nolwenn Glass just exist. You don't have to own it. You don't have to keep it only for yourself. It belongs to her. Weinstein thought fucking beautiful women would bring him happiness. Look at the nightmare his life has become. Everyday you can make a choice not to be a slave to your ego. You can learn a lesson from Harvey's mess. As a quote from one of his company's films goes, "You only need to hang mean bastards, but mean bastards you need to hang." Hang the mean, lazy, petty bastards inside you.
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