Domino Madsen The Cool And Curious added on May 11, 2012

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Domino Madsen is a 20 year-old from Texas with a generally curious attitude. She saw an ad that I put up for modeling in a scandalous category of a popular online classifieds site. She said she was awake late one night getting a kick from reading the various listings for private massages and escort services. She saw my ad and said it was the only one that seemed 'legit' and so she sent in a response. When I first saw her pics, I was a bit skeptical because she had such a wholesome appearance. I didn't want to get my hopes up just to be flaked on again... it happens a lot. But in the end, Domino was for real and seemed to enjoy being a wee bit devious out on the streets of Los Angeles.
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I want this woman in my life
Jokinghost - 4 months ago
I'm glad she was reading that night, another beauty found Zishy.
WayneCon - 11 months ago
would fuck her for a week
rambo7777 - about 1 year ago
just georgeous, this girl could melt an iceberg. more on her, please
atj614 - over 1 year ago
good choice. this is unique. love her.
axiom49 - over 1 year ago
let the dominoes fall
every_breath - almost 2 years ago
Waste of time: what is with this site they can't even show just a little nip n'lips...I have so far found 3 galleries only on this site and I am only as far as the D's - wtf
ametheus - about 2 years ago
Jesus. What assets.
moopieb - about 2 years ago
Yes, very nice curves in the right places. Awesome.
geofold - about 2 years ago
I'd give anything to wake up one morning and find her lying next to me...she's absolutely GORGEOUS! One of the HOTTEST babes that I have ever seen!!
Artie1 - over 2 years ago
The Taj Mahal penant is in a safe place.
wcRzte - almost 3 years ago
The best set in the entire ZISHY...thanx domino
clito - almost 3 years ago
Very voluptuous woman! Incredible thickness in the right places. All the other women on this site are terribly skinny!
JonMarq3 - about 3 years ago
She is the reason I joined this site! Need more from her!
kdulce06 - about 3 years ago
I like Domino_Madsen! I likes single pigeon and airplane. I like Los_Angeles too.Thanks Aleks.
Aleks - over 3 years ago
She is absolutely stunning. A true beauty.
Ignacio de Cousandier - about 4 years ago